Why is everyone talking about ACORNs?

ACORN is a brand new kind of cryptocurrency that’s completely free!


ACORNs on Telos are a fun and safe way to learn about Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains and the concept of Universal Basic Income

Welcome to ACORN the safe and fun learning tool for new users to quickly and easily get on the blockchain. Learn how everyone can get free daily tokens to access blockchain services including on-chain certification of blockchain skills at www.acorns.fun 

ACORN is the brainchild of Fabiana Cecin, it is a fun experiment in Universal Basic Income (UBI). Using your account on the (truly remarkable) Telos Blockchain you can run the ACORNs Smart Contract which will allocate one new ACORN to you every day, for free! However, you don’t receive your ACORNs automatically, in order to actually receive your ACORNs you must use them.

You have to Spend to Receive 🙂

As each day passes your account will be able to claim one additional ACORN, purely for the reason that you exist as a human being, isn’t that the coolest thing ever invented?

It doesn’t just accumulate in your ACORN account though, oh no, you have to do a little bit of activity to get more ACORNs! The simplest way to get them is to just send some to somebody.

You can send any amount, one whole ACORN, the minimum of 0.0001 of an ACORN or all your ACORNs! The value is irrelevant it’s the action of sending an amount of ACORN which causes the smart contract to check how many days have elapsed since you last received any, and then instantly sends you the amount due.

Every time you use ACORNs, new acorns are made.

It really is a fascinating entry into using the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There is a sprinkling of advanced economic theory baked in, to keep your learning moving along and to challenge the existing social contract we have agreed to for ‘money’.

ACORN will soon have you thinking about how money systems work, where money comes from and alternatives that might be introduced in the future. ACORN is a completely new ‘economic engine’ that is totally separate from the existing monetary system.

There are two ways you can start receiving ACORNs, either

  • Run the Smart Contract twice over a period of two days, or
  • Someone else sends you some ACORN

Having completed one of the above steps and having added the ACORN token to your wallet as a new currency, you will be able to send and receive ACORNs and you will be allocated one new ACORN every day, for free, it is as simple as that!

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ACORN: A Telos token for everyone!

Tired of ICOs and airdrops? Try out a UBI!





Add ACORN to the official Telos Sqrl Wallet

To get ACORNs you’ll need the Sqrl Wallet first, and an account on the Telos Blockchain. To get your wallet and Telos account see this page https://telosuk.io/how-to-create-a-free-telos-account/

When you have opened the contract for the first time, or if someone else has sent you some ACORN, you will need to add the token to the wallet so you can see how much you’ve got.

Here are the 7 step instructions for adding ACORN to your wallet as a custom token. Note the “Contract Account Name” shown in Step 4 on the screenshot below is exactly how you should enter it, do not enter your account name here, enter ‘ acornaccount ‘ .

Shown in Step 5 below we are adding ACORN as a new type of currency, in the “Contract Asset Symbol” box and associating it to the ACORN Smart Contract.

Click the screenshot below to enlarge in a new window

Now you will be able to see your ACORNs when they arrive!



No ACORNs Yet?

If you have added the ACORN custom token to your wallet, its been more than two days and you still see a zero balance then maybe you didn’t understand that you have to run the contract twice?

It seems that 90% of people are overlooking this part of the sign up process! If you see a zero balance of ACORNs after two days, it’s because you haven’t yet triggered your first check which has to be done manually the first time, it is not enough to just open the contract the first time, you have to open it a second time after two days to initiate the first send. After that, it happens automatically, but you have to do the initial action a second time after two days, to kick things off.



I Got my first ACORNs! Now What?

When you receive your first ACORNs the next thing you will want to do right away is to send some ACORN to the one person in the world who you love the most! Sharing is caring, so share the love, it’s free currency and everyone needs some of that!

Ideally, you will send ACORN to someone who’s not yet signed up for it so they can learn about it too.

Did you know: You can actually sign up other people for ACORNs automatically?
Just send some to their 12 character Telos account yay!

If you send ACORN to someone new, then because of you they won’t have to do the thing with the Smart Contract that you have to do twice that everyone forgets, so you’re already helping make it easier for people to use ACORNs 🙂

You can send any amount of ACORNs it doesn’t matter. The minimum is 0.0001 of an ACORN, you can send a whole acorn, or all your ACORNs if you like!



I got no one, who can I send ACORN to?

Don’t worry you got friends here. To receive the ACORN your account has accrued since your last receipt, you need to send some to another account, to trigger the contract checking what you are owed.

A whole new ‘Sending Economy’ started right here with ACORNs. Everyone with ACORNs soon learns that sending is what it’s all about, you don’t get any unless you send!

When this understanding takes hold in your brain you try to decide who to send your ACORN to next, to get yours. This opens up all sorts of new ‘send opportunites’, you can send to:

  • Another account you created – yes this is OK for now, because ACORNs is still new and it’s only for fun, as an experiment. The idea is that each person only has one account in the end, but we haven’t found a reliable way of doing that yet, so ACORN doesn’t bother, ‘fill yer boots’ as we sometimes say in England (to mean “help yourself to as much as you want” see the ‘Sybil’ section to learn more about this topic)
  • Other Telos accounts of people you know about who dont got no ACORNs yet – do your brother or sister a solid and bring them up
  • Charitable accounts – wow there, charity? in ACORN? That sounds like a good idea! Think about it…..
  • Other accounts at random which a useful squirrel has harvested from foraging in the forest, see below
  • Random Telos account you find yourself when going about the blockchain

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heartbreaker jimhewitt.tf proxygermany ge4dombuhege
studandtrack ha4dsojwhage slaymaster12 eddiescatter
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girllovesboy permdahlberg eddiesledger boylovesgirl
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If for some reason you still can’t find anyone that you want to send ACORN to then there is even a solution for that because you can just “Ask a Squirrel” a question instead!

When you ask a squirrel, you’ll need to send some ACORN to the Telos/ACORN oracle along with your question in the memo field.

If it’s a really good question then a squirrel will reply, if you don’t get a reply then you’ll need to ask again in a different way. Squirrels can be funny like that, sometimes they are just so busy with their ACORNs they don’t get the memo!

Here are the details of how to ask a Squirrel

Ask a Squirrel: a Telos/ACORN oracle

For when you have absolutely nothing else to do with your ACORN tokens…




Be More Squirrel

Since ACORN was launched a Telegram group has sprung up and nut hunters are gathering a plenty to find out how to get their ACORNS. The conversation gets very interesting sometimes as people’s hearts and minds get stimulated into thinking about how we could live in this new world with this free currency that has absolutely no monetary value!

That doesn’t make much sense does it?

Join the conversation at the Telegram channel below


The place to discuss how and why everyone can get free cryptocurrency every day


What is UBI?

ACORN is an experimental and just-for-fun implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) distribution system inspired by the Democratic Money project. Universal Basic Income is the idea that everyone in the entire world should be paid every day, unconditionally, just because they exist. The goal of the Democratic Money project is to help spread the realisation that democracy requires the sharing of economic power. In other words that means, “poor people” who are powerless because they control no share of the economic engine and thus they cannot help provide either for themselves or for others. A democracy requires, by definition, the abolition of poverty, that is, the abolition of economic powerlessness.

ACORN provides everyone on the planet the opportunity to interact with an alternative economic engine from the current fiat currency based economic engine which completely dominates things and has a monopoly on money! Not anymore.

Learn more about this thought-provoking and interesting subject, discuss it with your friends and family, it is a very hard topic to think differently about because we are so emotionally connected to money.

Just think we used to send handwritten letters in the post once upon a time, things do change.

The Democratic Money Project

ACORNS Squared: Take your UBI journey to a whole nother level!


In a Universal Basic Income System suitable for the Democratic Money project, each unit of the currency symbolises a daily basic income for a human being, that is, the daily economic right to exist in dignity for every person. This is the long term goal for humanity and ACORN is a social experiment in this are. More than anything though, for the time being, it is an excellent way for everyone to learn about and experiment with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense at first, just keep reading and researching. Above all remember “If you’re Learning you’re Earning and if you’re not Learning you’re LOSING”.

If you need more help with any aspect of the Telos eco-system or if you are inspired then please connect with us via telegram https://t.me/eosuk , email us bp@telosuk.io or phone us on +44 115 822 4546



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