How to add your Telos account to the Sqrl Wallet

If you created a new Telos account already, or if you had an EOS account at launch, then you now have a Telos account that you can add to the official Telos ‘Sqrl’ wallet using the following guide.

Using the Sqrl wallet you can

  • View your account balance
  • Send and receive tokens to other accounts
  • Lock and Unlock your tokens (staking)
  • Vote for Block Producers
  • Vote for Arbitrators
  • Vote on Worker Proposals
  • Create new accounts
  • Change your keys

Plus many more advanced features, but first you need to add or import your Telos account to the wallet which is described below.


If you have not already installed the Telos Sqrl wallet please review the guides for creating a free Telos account as it will show you how to download and install the program.

There are two approaches to adding a Telos account to Sqrl, either from the startup screen as below


Now click the Import Existing Account button


At this screen enter your 12 character account name you saved during the account creation process, or if it is an EOS Genesis account then it was randomly generated for you. Once entered click the Lookup Account button to make sure you entered it correctly and the account can be found


So this is the important part, where you have to enter your Private Key! If you have been paying attention you should by now have a very healthy fear of entering your Private Key into anything! If you have then well done, you are learning the important things. However, this is one of the times when you absolutely have to use your Private Key in order to prove that you are the one who actually owns the account. That said, you should only enter your Private Key belonging to your Active Key Pair, not your Owner Key Pair.

If you are getting an error when clicking Compare Keys then confirm what you have pasted in by ticking the box to show the key. If you are typing it in then check your Caps lock etc. Before you click the Show tick box beware of your screen being visible by others (or cameras!) particularly if the account you are adding already has a balance or if the Private Key is still the same as another account with a balance. When you have entered the correct Private Key and clicked Compare Keys the program will advance to the next screen.


On this next screen you should set the password for the program. Understand that this password is not going to be stored on the Blockchain, it is only to protect the program from unauthorised access, if someone was sat at your computer for example, if there was no program password they could transfer your funds just by getting on your computer. The program will ask you for this password whenever you perform a significant action like sending funds, or if you have more than one account, when you switch between them. This password should still be complex, but something you can type in easily without having to look it up all the time. If you elect not to use a password then the Sqrl wallet will forget the new account you added when you close the program, so use a password if you want it to remember the account you just added(which would be the normal way of doing it). 

When you click Save Account it will ask you to confirm the password a second time.


Next you are presented with the Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (the TBNOA) to read and agree to.

You have to accept these terms in order to continue, and using Telos indicates your acceptance of the terms.

Worth mentioning at this point is that if you don’t use your computer for a while and the Sqrl wallet is open, sometimes when you come back to it you may find it has a blank screen, in which case just click View>Reload, like this


When you have successfully added your new Telos account to Sqrl, it will default to the Governance page where you can see the voting functions as shown below, from here you can vote, or to see your account balance click on the Wallet menu item



The other way to add a new account(usually when adding a 2nd or subsequent account) is from the Tools main menu where there is a subsection titled Manage Wallets, see a quick summary of this process below.



Congratulations if you got this far then you now have a Telos account added to Sqrl and you are up and running ready to send and receive TLOS tokens, vote for Block Producers, review and vote on Worker Proposals and vote for Arbitrators who will manage arbitration cases. The next thing we would suggest learning about and practising is how to change the keys on your account so that if you ever need to do it you have done it before.

Find more guides on the Learn Telos page.

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