The new economy being produced by the Telos Blockchain is home to the Work Proposal System WPS, where token holders vote for the projects the network will fund next. Today we are delighted to announce the submission of a Work Proposal by Igor Berlenko of Swap.Online on which Jim and I will be collaborating.

Igor’s work proposal is for funding towards the development of atomic swap capability on Telos blockchain via smart contract with Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies and stable coins.

Read the full proposal here on the Chainspector website from The Telescope team and vote Yes for this exciting proposal using the official Telos Sqrl wallet which can be downloaded and installed from

One of the reasons for supporting this proposal is because it promises to further the development of a held vision where any website can provide access to not only a decentralised exchange, but also a global order book capable of connecting all the buyers and sellers in the whole world, this is such a powerful technology we just had to get involved any way we could so as to help foster its safe delivery into reality!

Simply by embedding the open source exchange code into one of your web pages you can host a cryptocurrency exchange on your own website! The combination of the atomic swaps between blockchains and the global order book makes this such a powerful tool it could really help to further the adoption of Telos in to new markets.

Join the discussion about Work Proposals on Telos at the Telos WPS Telegram channel

If you have ideas for your own Work Proposal you would like to discuss or with for help to get your own project submitted on Telos then please connect with us in the Telos UK Telegram channel or call us on +44 115 822 4546