The sun is shining on your favourite BP’s in Carshare #45, as spring is just around the corner in the UK. That is very appropriate as we hope the recent thaw in what has been named the ‘crypto-winter’ is signaling the start of the crypto-spring too.

Everyone is talking about Blockchain as more and more people are suddenly waking up to the realisation that Blockchain based ledgers for recording transactions, instead of intermediaries, have thousands of hugely worthwhile applications that can be rolled out globally, but where to start?

Let’s start by repeating the mantra


followed by a quick news roundup before Telos UK announces the launch of their new Learn Telos pages on the Telos UK website.

The News Roundup

  • Another Scam site emerges pretending to warn of the first scam site! Always be on the lookout for incorrectly spelled URLs and above all know that ‘YOU DO NOT NEED TO CLAIM YOUR Telos’ they are waiting for you on the Telos Blockchain and you only need to connect to the Telos Blockchain to use them.
  • Never enter your private key into any website see for more details on security
  • Dormant accounts may get deleted after a year to save on resources: Don’t worry, there is no rush! (1 year = circa 12-19th December 2019 depending on which date is used to mark the actual public launch)
  • Arbitration elections through Sqrl wallet update
  • Roger introduces the ‘Trail’ voting system
  • Leading to more information on the new Learn Telos pages

By helping everyone to ‘Learn Telos’ Roger and Jim continue to support the mass adoption of Telos and how as Block Producers they continue to strive to provide easy to consume education for the community. As you know if you are a regular Carshare viewer, Jim is the mass adoption guinea pig, if he can follow it then hopefully the average person can too.

With that in mind, Roger has been working away producing a series of pages to create an onboarding guide for new users to Telos. Jim has been road testing the guides to check for too much technical speak and what it’s like to be the one following the steps.

In the video, the following Learn Telos pages are discussed.

  • Telos Account Security – Read this before you create an account, or if you already have one (i.e. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS).
  • Create a Free Account on Telos – Our step by step guide to creating a FREE account on the Telos Blockchain Network.
  • Create a Paid Account on Telos – When you have created your free account but want more
  • Add your account to the Telos Sqrl Wallet – If you already have a Telos account from the EOS Genesis or have created a new Telos account yourself follow these instructions to setup your Sqrl wallet.
  • Telos Block Explorers –  The ‘Blockchain Viewers’. Telos Block Explorers are websites built to enable you to look up the details of transactions and accounts on the Telos Blockchain
  • Exchanges Trading Telos tokens(TLOS) – Here you can find exchanges where you can buy and sell TLOS with EOS or Bitcoin.
  • The Telos Foundation – Learn more about the very important role provided by the Telos Foundation.
  • Telos and You – Overcoming the mass adoption hurdles so everyone can use Telos every day. Listen to the conversation to discover the URL for Roger’s new prototype (for the audio only audience) !
  • Explore The Telosphere – Join the Telos conversations across all the different channels. If you are going to go down the rabbit hole this is all you need.

This is just the start of the ‘Learn Telos’ project and the content will be actively managed by us your trusted partners for Telos learning resources.  If you have any suggestions or requests for inclusion then make contact with us via your preferred method below.

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Advice on Crypto Security

If you were in the EOS Genesis snapshot and want to activate your TLOS tokens you only need to download the official open source Sqrl wallet from GitHub, which is linked to from the genuine Telos Foundation website downloads page at , once you have installed the program on your computer you will have to enter your Active Private Key that is paired with the Public Key in the EOS Genesis account snapshot. After that you can change all your keys to achieve maximum account security. This way your original EOS Private Key will no longer enable access to anything except any future airdrops or sister chains which use the original EOS genesis snapshot, and again once you had accessed these new tokens you can switch to new keys on these new accounts.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense at first, just keep learning. If you’re not learning you’re losing. Keep Learning and you’ll keep earning because the new wealth is being earned in sweat capital by people who are prepared to invest their time in learning to understand the concept of decentralisation and distributed ledger technology. Share what you learn with everyone you care about so they can join you in the brave new world when it arrives.

If you need help getting setup or are unsure of what information you need to enter then contact us via telegram , email us or even phone us on +44 115 822 4546 before entering a private key into a website!