In this episode, we see the intrepid duo bright eyed and bushy tailed as they start their road trip to London Blockchain Live. The sun is out the shades are on and the choones are banging. The boys have packed their clean shirts and are ready to take the event by storm.

We have Roger giving Jim a history of his life exhibiting at the London Olympia back in the days of Windows 95 (Jim stays awake) and we get a story about dog food !!!! not for the faint-hearted.

However in the second part of the video

OMG the boys are getting too old for this road trip lark. They had to skip the after party after party.

We now see a very tired and not so dynamic duo reflecting on a fantastic Blockchain Live. Spoiler alert yes it actually happened Dan Larimer had the pleasure of meeting Roger and asking Roger his opinion on a number of issues. Actually, Dan spoke to Roger on two occasions during the day!! We hear Roger’s Dan stories, which Jim will have to hear many times in the future. Roger chated to Dan about telegram, can you imagine Dan’s Telegram feed. Roger had eyes on Dan’s phone!! and a great story about the unlocking of the EOS network.

Blockchain Live was a great event not only for EOS but Blockchain in general with so many different industries and sectors represented at the event. Such a big event shows the future of Blockchain is security and mass adoption is only around the corner.

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