In Carshare today Jim and Roger delve into some of the Telos inner workings as it makes final preparations for launch. The main topic of conversation is the TIP’s for

  • Rewarding Telos Contributors,
  • unclaimed funds,
  • Voting Tokens for the Foundation and
  • special RAM priveledges, whatever they are!

These Telos Improvement Proposals, to give them their full title, are how new things get added, or not. Jim and Roger review the Launch Group video meetings where the Telos contributors get to vote on approving a TIP, if there is enough interest in it. Could this be the very beginnings of the governance mechanisms we’ll be using in the future?

It is food for thought and we should all be open to learning about it, Roger and Jim have gone down the Telos TIPs rabbit hole though! Jim is really pleased with himself because his skills now incorporate linking to the GitHub sources on his agenda, now that GitHub has forced itself into his world LOL. A great achievement of our Jim because normally Roger and the proper techies do that kind of thing. Roger explains* about some of the other ways GitHub is used.

*Disclaimer: Roger doesn’t always know that what he thinks he knows, is always true. It is only his view or understanding of something, it is not any kind of statement or advice, always do your own research, he is almost certainly wrong sometimes!

In their wide-ranging discussion, Roger and Jim get up to speed on the 4 latest TIPs. The TIPS were on the agenda and being voted on during the Telos Launch Group video meetings. These meetings are being held once or twice a week by the Launch Group who are all “on-boarded” members of the community contributing to the launch of the Telos blockchain network.

TIP 24: Adequately Rewarding Telos Contributors
Author: Michael Gucci

TIP 24 GitHub Link

TIP 25: Contribute unclaimed TCRP funds to free Telos account creation fund
Author: Douglas Horn
TIP 25 GitHub Link

TIP 26: TFVT Distribution
Author: Jerry Huff

TIP 26 GitHub Link

TIP 27: Creating a RAM reserve for RAM Administration
Author: Jan Smit

TIP-27 Github Link

When a TIP has been voted on, the source is updated on GitHub and it becomes part of the document. There are more TIPs to follow as the process is becoming better understood now we have all done it numerous times. The TIP 5 for a Single Token Registry Standard is up next because it fell behind, but Jim leaves no TIP unturned!

If you would like to learn more about Telos TIPs or would like to get involved with Telos then visit the Telos Foundation website at or contact us for more details of how to explore eosio blockchain opportunities for your business.

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