We find our dynamic duo in fine form in this episode resplendent in their new shirts.  Don’t they look smart?

In this Telos carshare Telos special Roger and Jim guide us through the main milestones of the first year of Telos or as Jim likes to say 63m blocks, (he hasn’t actually worked out the block times himself he clearly had read it) and what actions you need to take.

The discussion covers

  • When launch?
    What is actually involved?
  • When activation?
    What you need to do to get your Telos
  • When trade?
    The great exchange race
  • When “Official Original Telos Snapshot?”
    Learn why this is a key date for all of us
  • When delete?
    OMG don’t lose your Telos you need to interact with the Telos Blockchain before Block 63m (yes Jim that’s about 1 year from activation)

This article from the Telos Foundation is a vital background read for anyone new to Telos https://medium.com/@teloslogical/introducing-tlos-the-telos-token-d6af451e161f

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