Welcome to Carshare #43 and Happy New Year for 2019 and may it be your best year yet!  We want to make a special thank you to all our supporters on both the EOS and Telos mainnets who have supported us with votes in 2018 and we thank you in advance for your continued support into 2019.

So much has happened since Carshare #42 with both Roger and Jim having valiantly fought off double man flu, Telos has launched and activated, Roger has moved house again, it was Christmas and New Year,  and Jim has not only been elected to the Telos Foundation Executive Board but also to the post of President! A double-busy few weeks then!

In this short episode en route to the workspace in Nottingham town our dynamic duo get up to speed on:

The set up of the Telos Foundation

The Telos Foundation is an apolitical body with a mission of promoting the Telos Blockchain Network. It is voted as a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) voted by holders of Telos Foundation Voting Tokens as described in its Telos Foundation (PDF) Governance Document.

Jim’s Election to Office

For his sins Jim volunteered to be President of the Telos Foundation and he was unappossed because of course who better than our Jim to do that job?!  Expect to see a lot more of Jim out and about as the Telos Foundation gets established and he heads out in to the world, performing his duties as one of the first official envoys for Telos, from the new Foundation. Such an historic moment!

The confirmed Telos Executive Board

As per the official press release the 12 elected board members are as follows

Jan Smith (DutechEOS) – Interim RAM Director
JT Buice (Kainos Technologies) – Board Member
Mark Cohen (Telos Vancouver) – Board Member
Richard Bryan Erikodi (TelosDAC) – Treasurer
Beth Farnham (GoodBlock) – Vice President
Justin Giudici (infinitybloc) – Board Member
Azad Halim (Octagon Labs) – Board Member
Jim Hewitt (EOS & Telos UK) – President
Robert James (Echelon Compensation Partners) – Board Member
Joseph Rosich (EOS Barcelona) – Board Member
Jesse Schulman (CalEOS) – Board Member
Joost Voordouw (DutechEOS) – Board Member
Marlon Williams (Telos Miami) – Board Member

Full details about the Executive Board Members can be found at https://telosfoundation.io/foundation

Telos UK Block Producer Update

Telos UK secured a place in Telos launch history by becoming the very first Block Producer to ever get paid block rewards on the Telos blockchain. The magic of blockchains means you can actually link to that individual transaction itself on the public blockchain, as shown in the image below

The Block Producer to write the first block after activation was CalEOS who took things over from the eosio system account and wrote block 1,000,040

BP Ranking on Telos

Since launch Telos UK have been an active Block Producer continously (except when switched out to standby periodically) and ranked in the top 10.

Telos UK are delighted to be ranked No.4 by voters in the Telos Blockchain Producers table at the time of recording this episode of Carshare

Ranking above our BP colleague Josep of EOS.Barcelona was a big surprise to us!

BP Ranking on EOS

The much more plutocratic EOS Producers table has us ranked only 89 on EOS, one day if voting on EOS becomes fairer then perhaps our skills on Telos can help to demonstrate our abilities enough to get us ranked in the Active BPs on EOS too?

Follow the EOS Producer rankings live at https://votetracker.io/

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