The one where it was “Proper Cold!”

Your favourite BPs Jim and Roger of Telos UK are back with a ‘Telos Account Security & Keys’ special episode.  In Carshare 44, after a brief news update, Roger attempts again to explain ‘Accounts and Keys’ to Jim, the mass adoption bellwether.  If Jim can understand it then it passes one of the mass adoption tests (the second test being Roger’s Mum!).

News roundup:

  • Telos UK now has its very own website, lots of cool plans for the next few weeks
  • Thank you to everyone who votes for Telos UK as we are again ranked No.4 in the global Telos Block Producer rankings!
  • Telos hits #2 on Blocktivity


Scamming website in the news: beware the hyphen!

Further reports on this issue from Crypto Tim suggest the hacker has now made the page send a request to the Scatter desktop program and somehow fooling you into signing the script which allows it to change your keys with a single click! So if you use Scatter make sure you are aware that this is possible and don’t just click ‘Allow’ arbitrarily unless you know exactly what it will do.

So be very careful out there people, make sure you don’t keep all your EOS or Telos or Worbli tokens in a single account, NEVER put a private key into a website, learn how to change your active and owner keys and keep the owner key offline so it can be used to change a compromised active key if required.

Above all monitor your accounts regularly and learn about Block Explorers so you can easily check an account and recognise if anything has changed.

We are building an account management tool and compiling helpful instructions which will be published on shortly so connect with us to stay informed.


Let’s talk about ‘keys’

  • A Private Key is a 51 character long string, like a password, which is paired with a Public Key, a bit like a user name. To send something from the account, the Private Key must be used to authorise it
  • Telos accounts have an Owner Key pair which is like the master key and it can create other, lesser keys, such as an Active Key. An Owner Key can also reset an Active Key
  • The Active Key should be the one used on a day to day basis and the Owner Key should be stored offline so it’s not possible to access it over the internet.
  • EOS also has the exact same keys setup, but at launch all the EOS accounts had the same key pairs for both the Owner and the Active Keys
  • If you had a Telos genesis account at launch it will be using the same keys as your EOS genesis account, even if you changed the keys on EOS after it launched.
  • Worbli has the same keys setup too so make sure you know which keys were used in each of the snapshots, and also on any future sister chains that get launched
  • Keys in Snapshots & AirDrops
    • If your current EOS keys are new, you may need your old keys to access tokens on Telos, Worbli or other blockchains
    • Future keys you create do not replace keys in snapshots so make sure you keep ALL your old keys, it’s not like changing a password, you need to keep all the key pairs you ever used.
  • Public Keys are paired with a Private Key, and knowing a Public Key can reveal the 12 character account name using a “Block Explorer” but it cannot reveal the Private Key.
  • Knowing a 12 character account name enables you to lookup the Public Keys attached to that account, but not their Private Keys.
  • From a Private Key you can reveal everything about an account, including both the account name and the Public Keys, (this is why a Private Key is different from a password).
  • The multisig account recovery proposal! – This is a potential solution which is being developed that may allow you to setup a key reset process ahead of ever neading it. We will keep you updated.


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To access your TLOS you only need to download the official open source Sqrl wallet from GitHub, which is linked from our Wallet page above, and once you have installed the program on your computer you will have to enter your Active Private Key that is paired with the Public Key in the EOS genesis account snapshot. After that you can change all your keys to achieve maximum account security. This way your original EOS Private Key will no longer enable access to anything except any future airdrops or sister chains which use the original EOS genesis snapshot, and again once you had accessed these new tokens you can switch to new keys on these new accounts.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense at first, just keep learning. If you’re not learning you’re losing. Keep Learning and you’ll keep earning because the new wealth is being earned in sweat capitol by people who are preparred to invest the time in learning to understand the concept of decentralisation and distributed ledger technology. Share what you learn with everyone you care about so they can join you in the brave new world when it arrives.

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