Jim is back in the co-pilot seat for Carshare #49 having been temporarily replaced by David and Douglas in the previous two episodes!

We find the dynamic duo heading back to the second day of the Blockchain Expo in London to support the Telos Foundation stand. The car is full in this episode with David, the co presenter of Carshare #47 and of course the special international guest presenter Douglas Horn of GoodBlock, from Carshare48, the team are all super excited by the positive response Telos received at the first day of the Global Blockchain Expo in London and raring to go again for the second day.

After Jim being physically distracted by a pedestrian (the fairer sex no doubt!) at the start of the Carshare, he manages to keep his mind on the job and hosts a wide-ranging discussion covering:

  • A review of Douglas’ presentation to the Blockchain Expo
  • The inside track on the news from the event
  • The benefits of the low cost of on-boarding dApps on Telos. Find out more at https://goodblock.io/goodgrant and Telos Foundation grants.
  • Discussion about Enterprise dApps and the public blockchain
  • How Acorns has been really helpful as a first exposure tool to get people interacting with blockchain technology. Have you achieved 1GSS(Gold Star Squirrel!) yet? Go to https://www.acorns.fun/ and get your squirrel name to start the process.
  • The ‘new mode of thinking’ and how the benefits of decentralisation need to be explained to the enterprise community so as to prevent them from trying to just recreate the old model on-chain and expect the market to embrace it.

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Learn more about Roger and Jim from Telos UK at https://telosuk.io and learn more about Douglas Horn and his team at https://goodblock.io (and don’t miss the upcoming dragons blockchain game coming soon at https://drakoskeep.com/ )

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