What if there really was a place for everything and everything was already in its place?

Hashing is the free & open source system to publicly reference something in our world, like a keyword. Everything can now be referenced PUBLICLY using only its keyword, or other identifier such as a web page address or location coordinates. By using the open source Bitcoin code to create predictable reference numbers from keywords, everyone can generate the exact same keyword id’s and so it’s easy to link things together into a single global view.

Quick start guide for hashing keywords to the public domain

This is how to create a listing in the public domain on any keyword. Your entry will be time and date stamped in the Telos public blockchain network and will be permanently accessible until the end of time, to everyone using only a single link, there is no need to login or register to access the information.

Your entry will be published in PUBLIC, it can never be censored or removed. We are thinking mainly in terms of keywords but this is also how anything that needs to be said can be easily shared, using only a generic link, with everyone else on the planet. Bad actors beware!

In this example we are going to list the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center map at https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html on the public keyword page for COVID-19.

So we type COVID-19 into the box at https://www.publicdomain.live and see the keyword page has been created already because there is a page with listings, and the COVID-19 label is shown at the top of the page.

Click the ‘Copy keyword id’ link to copy the id for the COVID-19 keyword onto our clipboard. (The id is generated by hashing the keyword with the Bitcoin algorithm!).

When you click ‘Copy keyword id’ this number (the keyword id) was saved to your clipboard ready to paste.

The keyword COVID-19 becomes CAF96D0A55DECAA41CDBFB2E0376CF8A290AEB30989F8494A1F2B4F87EB72630

To list the Johns Hopkins map entry on the keyword page for COVID-19 you send a micro-transaction of 0.0001 TLOS or ACORN digital currency to the publicdomain account on Telos using any compatible wallet (most popular wallets for Telos are the Sqrl walletAnchor wallet for computers, Wombat & CoolX for Android and iOS)

The keyword id and the content must be separated by a space to display correctly on the websites. Before you click Confirm, CHECK IT(there is no undo on the blockchain!) and then check it again, and then ask someone else to check it too!

Check your submission after a few minutes. New entries are added in the second position below the ‘sticky’ label if the page has been labeled.

Copy the link to this keyword page and everything on it can be socialised really easily because viewing the page does not require a login or registration and uses that single keyword id on any of hte websites that use the index. Here is the link to the COVID-19 keyword page on the public domain website where we added the resource map https://www.publicdomain.live/hash/CAF96D0A55DECAA41CDBFB2E0376CF8A290AEB30989F8494A1F2B4F87EB72630 (You can add other resources to this page too!)

The information on this page will be on the Telos public network forever under the COVID-19 keyword, and accessible via the publicdomain.live website and also on an unlimited number of other websites that want to makes use of the publicdomain index.

Linking Keyword Pages

You can connect keyword pages together, like linking categories, use this format in the memo of the transaction: keyword-id-1 keyword-id-2 Label-for-Keyword-id-2

For example to add a link from the COVID-19 keyword page (id starts C45EB…) to the Coronavirus testing keyword page (id starts AA1A1…) send the two keyword ids and a label separated by spaces

This is how that looks in our wallet before we send it

Try an example and see if you can create the keyword page for your country and link it to the global ‘Countries’ page like these other account holders have done

Alternatively you can just buy a public domain keyword listing from Advanta Productions who can add the entry for you.

Please Note: The information published in the public domain is not owned by Telos or Telos UK or anyone, it is public and anything put there will be for the benefit or detriment of everyone. It can never be edited or removed, ever (unless you can destroy the Telos blockchain and all its block producers!).

Our corporation Advanta Productions Limited is the publicdomain account holder on Telos (but not on EOS). Entries posted to a public blockchain network like Telos can never be edited or deleted even by the account holder. publicdomain account revenues support system development.

Originally published 19th December 2019. Updated 13th June 2020, 7th September 2020