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Telos is an independent network of computers operated by different block producer teams from around the world. 

The block producers organise the user’s commands into time and date order, and process them by writing them into a block.

Each block is inextricably based on the content of the block before it, creating a blockchain record of transactions that cannot be tampered with and whos transactions are publicly accessible to everyone with internet access, forever.

Blockchain is one of the most significant inventions of our time it will likely sit alongside the other great advances like taming fire, inventing the wheel, the printing press, steam power, electricity, engines, computers and the Internet.

Using the Telos network any two people can send and receive currency to each other directly, with no intermediaries except the block producers. Transactions can be made from anywhere in the world, instantly, and for free!

The Telos Blockchain Network is the latest generation of blockchain. Not only is it instant and free to transact, but it is incredibly power efficient compared to the first generation Bitcoin blockchain, overcoming power consumption concerns completly.

Telos is about more than this though, with its in-built continuous voting system for electing the producers who run the network, the arbitrators for arbitration cases, and for selecting which worker proposals should receive funding, Telos is a completely independent end-to-end self-governing system capable of running an entire community, civilisation or planet! Telos is where purpose meets people, chekc it out https://www.telos.net/ 

Telos has no owners, no managers, and no centralised control which means it cannot be shut down, censored, blocked or acquired. Telos is run by independent Block Producers (BPs) voted for by the actual TLOS token holders. There are 21 Active BPs globally, 30 Standby BPs and a potentially unlimited number of BP Candidates of which anyone at all can declare to run.

Learning more about Telos is a great investment of time, because as the world starts to adopt blockchain technology those who were motivated to learn about it will be at an advantage, and those who did not, will be at a disadvantage. Give yourself an advantage in this exciting new world and start experimenting with Telos. It’s free to learn and is similar in skills to creating a new email address, only NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED.

We all have the same 24 hours in every day so choose to invest some of your time wisely and follow our step by step guides to safely and securely create a free Telos account, setup the official Telos Sqrl wallet and acquire TLOS tokens to vote for your favourite Block Producers and Work Proposals.

You can even use the free ACORN learning tokens to practise with first, and for voting on issues or to create entries in the new global open source index of everything. I you want the simplest method of getting started on Telos then click here now https://www.ACORNs.fun


Getting started with Telos

To learn how to use Telos please review the following guides we are creating

Telos Account Security – Read this before you create an account, or if you already have one (i.e. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS).

Create a Free Account on Telos – Our step by step guide to create a FREE account on the Telos Blockchain Network.

Create a Paid-for Account on Telos – When you have created your free account but want more

Add your account to the Telos Sqrl Wallet – If you already have a Telos account from the EOS Genesis or have created a new Telos account yourself follow these instructions to setup your Sqrl wallet.

Telos Block Explorers – Put simply these are ‘Blockchain Viewers’. Anyone can query a blockchain, it’s a publicly accessible ledger of transactions. Block Explorers are websites that enable you to query the blockchain.

Exchanges Trading Telos tokens(TLOS) – Here is the link on CoinMarketCap.com to the exchanges where you can buy and sell TLOS with Bitcoin, EOS or USDT.

The Telos Foundation – Learn more about the very important role provided by the Telos Foundation.

The Telosphere – Links to all the Official Telos channels and community channels for those looking to do a deep dive into the rabbit hole!

Get free ACORNs every day on Telos at https://www.ACORNs.fun  – As an experimental prototype for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, the lovely Fabiana Cecin has created ACORNs on Telos, you must check this out because it is an ideal way to learn about crypto, blockchains and smart contracts. Roger of Telos UK is the project lead for ACORN having acquired it from Fabiana during a call one day! So you can connect with Roger and Fabiana and the rest of the ACORN community in the ACORNs Telegram channel https://t.me/AcornsTelosUBI.

We are creating more guides on topics such as arbitration, lost keys, adding airdrop tokens and using Telos with mobile wallets but if you have a specific request please connect with us as below

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense at first, just keep reading and remember if you’re not learning you’re losing.

If you need more help connect with us via telegram https://t.me/eosuk , email us bp@telosuk.io or phone us on +44 115 822 4546



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