Telos UK are a Founding Block Producer on the Telos Blockchain Network

Block Producers process the transactions on a blockchain. A blockchain is a hard-to-hack, distributed ledger, for recording transactions and events in an encrypted and immutable form. Blockchains enable trust-less transactions to occur, without middlemen or their commissions, and without unnecessarily sacrificing your privacy. All this is deployed on a distrubuted, scalable & high speed computer network comprising of 21 Active Block Producers, 30 Standby Block Producers and Block Producer Candidates.

Blockchains can handle thousands of transactions per second and are the underlying technology empowering the people who are committed to driving the next chapter in our evolution. Telos UK are your Block Producer team, join and support us as we journey into this exciting new world of fair and open source solutions for currencies, commerce and perhaps one day even governance.

Exciting News!

Telos UK Collaborates on Atomic Swap Decentralised Exchange Work Proposal Project with Swap.Online

Telos UK Collaborates on Atomic Swap Decentralised Exchange Work Proposal Project with Swap.Online

The new economy being produced by the Telos Blockchain is home to the Work Proposal System WPS, where token holders vote for the projects the network will fund next. Today we are delighted to announce the submission of a Work Proposal by Igor Berlenko of Swap.Online on which Jim and I will be collaborating.

Igor’s work proposal is for funding towards the development of atomic swap capability on Telos blockchain via smart contract with Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies and stable coins.

Read the full proposal here on the Chainspector website from The Telescope team and vote Yes for this exciting proposal using the official Telos Sqrl wallet which can be downloaded and installed from

One of the reasons for supporting this proposal is because it promises to further the development of a held vision where any website can provide access to not only a decentralised exchange, but also a global order book capable of connecting all the buyers and sellers in the whole world, this is such a powerful technology we just had to get involved any way we could so as to help foster its safe delivery into reality!

Simply by embedding the open source exchange code into one of your web pages you can host a cryptocurrency exchange on your own website! The combination of the atomic swaps between blockchains and the global order book makes this such a powerful tool it could really help to further the adoption of Telos in to new markets.

Join the discussion about Work Proposals on Telos at the Telos WPS Telegram channel

If you have ideas for your own Work Proposal you would like to discuss or with for help to get your own project submitted on Telos then please connect with us in the Telos UK Telegram channel or call us on +44 115 822 4546

Telos (TLOS) First Fiat Gateway announced

Telos (TLOS) First Fiat Gateway announced

Telos ($TLOS) First Fiat Gateway announced! Telos joins the rank of frontline cryptocurrencies you can buy instantly, with Visa or Mastercard, without registration or ID, and IS available right now at this link

The Carbon Fiber Fiat Gateway today adds the Telos TLOS token to its stable of leading crypto currencies available for direct purchase on its website by retail consumers. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron and now Telos! Rubbing shoulders with giants! This made possible through the creation of the TLOSD Dollar backed stable coin.

Before you rush off to try and buy the TLOS token though make sure you already have a Telos account setup first, you’ll need that to instantly receive your new tokens!

If you are brand new to crypto or Telos and not sure what to do first, then start with the ACORNs free daily crypto! The bigsquirrel1 account has published a step by step guide to ACORNs for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows users free setup. With a free daily ACORN token you can practice with the latest generation of crypto 100% safely without risking any money, because it’s free for the first 2 million users.

Learn more about Telos Blockchain, the community governed EOSIO blockchain via the official Telos Foundation website at (beware scam sites impersonating this one, there is only 1 official)

Learn more about Bitcoin, blockchains and crypto to protect yourself and your community. Connect with a meetup group from a Block Producer or other community group. In the UK?

Read more about the Carbon and Telos partnership in the official press release at

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Bitcoin Nottingham – Taking it back to basics

Bitcoin Nottingham – Taking it back to basics

Living and working in the Telos and EOSIO bubble as we do here at Telos UK it has become apparent that we might be running a bit too far ahead of the mainstream and we’ve decided to take a bit of a step back to the basics and start at the beginning again!

Bitcoin is where it all started and where it all stems from, so we’ve created a local group here in Nottingham with a view to holding regular meetups about Bitcoin and creating a hub as a starting point for everyone looking to learn about and understand Bitcoin, crypto and blockchains.

See our new Meetup page at and if you are local then please join the group to be informed of the date and venue for the next meet.

If you are in or around Nottingham and you are looking to learn about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency then you have found exactly the right place.

The Bitcoin Nottingham hub is headed up by the Telos UK team and incorporates EOS Nottingham meetups group.

So if you are looking to learn about Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin or work in Bitcoin then join this group and start connecting with other people in Nottingham who are either already involved in the space or looking to connect with like minded people around the subject of Bitcoin and what it means for us here in Nottingham.

With Robin Hood as our local legend and the home of the free crypto currency being superbly aligned with the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, what better place to serve as the starting point for your journey into Bitcoin, crypto and all things blockchain!

Overall Bitcoin offers the potential for freedom in so many ways, starting with your money, join our new group and start your Bitcoin journey today.

Questions or comments please connect with us on the social media channels below or telephone Nottingham (0115) 822 4546


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