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Block Producers process the transactions on a blockchain. A blockchain is a hard-to-hack, distributed ledger, for recording transactions and events in an encrypted and immutable form. Blockchains enable trust-less transactions to occur, without middlemen or their commissions, and without unnecessarily sacrificing your privacy. All this is deployed on a distrubuted, scalable & high speed computer network comprising of 21 Active Block Producers, 30 Standby Block Producers and Block Producer Candidates.

Blockchains can handle thousands of transactions per second and are the underlying technology empowering the people who are committed to driving the next chapter in our evolution. Telos UK are your Block Producer team, join and support us as we journey into this exciting new world of fair and open source solutions for currencies, commerce and perhaps one day even governance.

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Carshare 47 – No Jim, David Special, Telos FLAME, ACORNs & Exchanges Latest

In this episode we learn that Jim gets holidays and new Sys Admin team member David is worried about trying to fill his shoes as the guest presenter. No need to worry though David did a great job as the following topics are explored


  • ACORNs – The new free cryptocurrency is now available, for everyone! To get your ACORNs visit the website for step by step instructions of how to get your free Telos account and activate the ACORNs smart contract. With an ACORN community account you can access the blockchain for free and learn how to manage private keys and blockchain based services in the future. Using the ACORNs website users can get certification to 1GSS (Gold Star Squirrel!). Only if you follow all the instructions exactly will Big Squirrel confirm your certification on-chain. Roger hints at a potential future where allegiance to a brand or community through a common account naming convention could give access to services or even rewards from advertisers who want to show their appreciation for your loyalty. Maybe that will even be the future of Universal Basic Income systems. Meantime the roster of squirrel users who have achieved on-chain certification can be found at . Will you be next?



  • When CoinMarketCap ? Roger line’s it all up for us and explains the process for getting on CMC. Starting with the latest development that Telos trading with USDt is now open on CoinTiger one of the 3 new exchanges which are being connected to the Telos Blockchain at the moment. Once 2 of the 3 exchanges are live then Telos will be one step closer to being listed on CMC. The CMC website is considered the industry standard starting point for all cryptocurrencies. It is assumed a CMC listing is an essential component of a successful new blockchain like Telos. It should be noted that other coin information resource sites are springing up all the time in order to cash in on this fledgeling new industry.


  • Blockchain Community Events – Next up is the Blockchain Expo event in London and of course Roger, Jim and David are going to be in attendance on the 25th and 26th April and looking forward to connecting with the community in person.

Telos is really starting to ramp up now and it will be fascinating to watch its organic growth in the weeks and months ahead. If you want to get involved with the Telos community, ACORNs, Telos UK or Carshare then please get in touch through the medium of your choice linked from the bottom of the page.

Go Telos!



Telos UK Downunder – Interview with EOSphere

Check out our dynamic duo in this interview with Ross Dold of EOSphere a BP based in Perth Australia.  Ross quizzed Roger and Jim about all things Telos UK. Ross is on a mission to talk to as many Telos BPs as he can as part of the goodguys4tls proxy series.  The Telos Blockchain is proud to have many dedicated and diligent proxies and Telos UK are honoured to be on the goodguys4tls proxy roster.

In this episode, we get the low down on the latest Telos UK node tech specs from Roger and find out what Jim did before joining Telos UK, spoiler alert he wasn’t an international man of mystery!

Your eosio boys also mention a few upcoming projects: The first being – This project was mentioned as being part of Telos Uk’s mass adoption drive.  It’s still in the build phase but the beta test can be seen on desktop computers(i.e. it’s not mobile friendly yet) at

Roger also announces the ACORNs project.  This is a super cool project Roger and Jim have been working on.  I wonder if you can guess which one is phatsquirrel and which one is dozysquirrel! Anyway, check out the website at and see if you can achieve blockchain skills certification to 1GSS (Gold Star Squirrel!) with ACORNs.  Here is the link to the Official Launch Announcement in case you missed it.

This post brought to you by Roger, Jim and all the team at EOS / Telos UK. To support our work please vote for eosukblocpro on EOS and telosuknodes on Telos.

If you need help or support in any aspect of the eosio eco system then please get in touch via Telegram , email or you can even use the telephone if you are old school and appreciate the value of a conversation on +441158224546

Go Telos!

It’s a Telos Ride Along with Douglas Horn from GoodBlock in Carshare #46

Today we have the man himself, Mr Douglas Horn riding along in Carshare 46! (Virtually anyway.)

As any self respecting crypto or Telos enthusiast will know, Douglas is the author of the Telos white paper.

He is the founder of the GoodBlock, Block Producer who are based in Seattle but they can usually be found at the top of the voters ranking stack, and with good reason. Douglas is a very hard worker and was a significant driving force in the Telos launch December 2018.

Through the wonders of modern technology and a bit of old school engineering (Jim wedging his phone between the dashboard and windscreen!) Roger and Jim were able to have an amazing interview with Douglas on route to get Jim’s presidential new backdrop for his Foundation duties! The Telos Foundation is an independent organisation setup at the launch and is charged with promoting the work of the chain, Jim was elected onto the Foundation board.

In Carshare 46 today we have the latest news on:

GoodProxy – The Good, the Bad and the Vote. Over to CJ Anders the new key holder!

ACORNs! – Have you got your ACORNs yet?

Telos Venezuela – Big shout out to the great work being done by Alexandra and Daniel Uzcátegui

ProveAccount – A very simple solution to Telos account recovery from Douglas Horn

Arbitration Elections – Learn about this 100% on-chain election for the 1st Telos Arbitrators
Download the latest version of the official Telos Sqrl wallet

Worker Proposals – Telos Core Developers WPS please give it your vote to reward the devs

Dragons – Douglas introduces Drakos Keep, sign up for the dragon presale!

What on earth has got Roger all ‘wazzed up’ about?! (Apparently this means ‘to be drunk on excitement’ although that’s not the exact definition in the online Urban Dictionary LOL!)

ACORN is the brainchild of Fabiana Cecin, read all about it in the announcement  – ACORN: A Telos token for everyone.

The ACORN project is a fun and interesting system that can be used to learn, and teach, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Doesn’t sound like fun?

Get someone to send you an acorn, or sign up for it using the instructions, and then one new acorn will be allocated to your account every day.

However, in order to receive your ACORNs you have to send some. Spend to Receive!

What’s more is if the person you are sending to isn’t already receiving ACORNs then the act of sending them one, will join them to the project. It’s like a good virus, or as Douglas calls it a zombie token. If something is going to go viral then this is it!

The ACORNs project is an experimental fun implementation of a Universal Basic Income system.

Universal Basic Income is the utopian vision of the future that has as its goal to provide every person alive with sufficient means to live with dignity.

ACORN is an experiment in Democratic Money of which the basic concept is that each unit of a democratic currency symbolises a daily basic income for a human being, and provides the economic right to exist in dignity for every person.

When Douglas and Fabiana get talking about UBI, things go a bit ‘next level’. Join the conversation at

Obviously, the Democratic Money project is for some time in the future, but in the meantime we can learn and share the concept of blockchain UBI through ACORN. It also provides a platform for developers to create games and services on the Telos Blockchain but that requires no real money to use.

Roger and Jim are excited about ACORN because of its potential to teach blockchain concepts and so they’ll be adding more content about this soon at the following page where the first links to get started are referenced.

Telos Venezuela

What great work is being done on the ground by the Telos BP ‘Telos Venezuela’ I’m sure we have all been moved and alarmed by the situation in Venezuela so it is really inspiring to see the work being done by the brother and sister team Alexandra and Daniel Uzcategui. Please take a moment to review their informative videos and appreciate the work they are doing providing shoes for children from their efforts as Block Producers

Please like and share this inspiring video
Telos Venezuela – Our social project continues to grow


One of the biggest roadblocks to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the fear of getting locked out of your account. On most blockchains there is no account recovery option, if you lose your Private Key then the account will remain locked forever, and indeed it is a scary concept at first.

There are certain best practices that we must all learn and further details can be found on the Telos UK Learn Telos pages at but today Douglas Horn introduces his latest solution to the problem, the beautifully simple ProveAccount solution

Roger is going to create a walk through guide for setting this up and our in-house guinea pig Jim is going to trial it to see if it passes the Mass Adoption challenge! More on that in the next episode.

Arbitration Elections
There are now 4 Arbitrators with over 1million votes and on Friday 15th at 9:01am UTC they will automatically be elected by the on chain election which Telos is scoring plenty of ‘firsts’ with the Foundation Elections and Worker Proposals.

Check out the elections in your Sqrl wallet and make sure you know how to vote, so the next round of candidates can be elected too and there will be 21 arbitrators ready to accept cases, but for now there will be at least 4 arbitrators to get things kicked off, it is very exciting times.

Download the latest version of the Sqrl wallet from (beware of scam websites with similar domain names, and if you do end up on one NEVER enter your private key into a website or authorise key changes using Scatter, to mention that again!)

Worker Proposals
The Telos Core Developers will be publishing a Worker Proposal for pay for the last 3 months please give it your vote to ensure they get paid for all their hard work to date. Meet the Core Dev team on the new Roadmap page at

Douglas introduces the new project, wow this looks awesome and I know of a good few gamers who will be all over that. It is going to be a great gateway into crypto because it will also teach the concepts of keys and wallets and accounts, but from within the game as you pimp your dragon! Sign up for email updates to the Dragon Pre Sale launching soon

If you have enjoyed this format and would like to share your Telos story with the community through Carshare then please get in touch. Carshare 46 brought to you by Roger and Jim and all the team at EOS / Telos UK. To support our work please vote for eosukblocpro on EOS and telosuknodes on Telos.

If you need help or support in any aspect of the Telos eco system then please get in touch via Telegram , email or you can even use the telephone if you are old school and appreciate the value of a conversation on +441158224546

Go Telos!

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