Telos UK are a Founding Block Producer on the Telos Blockchain Network

Block Producers process the transactions on a blockchain. A blockchain is a hard-to-hack, distributed ledger, for recording transactions and events in an encrypted and immutable form. Blockchains enable trust-less transactions to occur, without middlemen or their commissions, and without unnecessarily sacrificing your privacy. All this is deployed on a distrubuted, scalable & high speed computer network comprising of 21 Active Block Producers, 30 Standby Block Producers and Block Producer Candidates.

Blockchains can handle thousands of transactions per second and are the underlying technology empowering the people who are committed to driving the next chapter in our evolution. Telos UK are your Block Producer team, join and support us as we journey into this exciting new world of fair and open source solutions for currencies, commerce and perhaps one day even governance.

Exciting News!

Blockchain Controlled Lockbox Premieres at Blockchain Expo Europe in Amsterdam on 19th June 2019

Jim Hewitt demonstrates Telos Safe by Proxibots! Real-time Access Control POC on the Telos Blockchain

Telos UK own Jim Hewitt was there as a representative of the Telos Foundation, Jim was part of the foundation working group that made sure the Foundation’s presence at the event was top notch. The event was exceptionally well attended and here is a video of Jim demonstrating the Telos Safe by Proxibots!

Read all about this proof of concept(POC) for blockchain controlled access solutions in this article

Further enquiries regarding blockchain access control solutions or other commercial blockchain based solutions please contact us on +44 115 822 4546 or via email to

What The TEDP? Can Telos do 0% Inflation and 30% RoI REX Rewards!?

What The TEDP? Can Telos do 0% Inflation and 30% RoI REX Rewards!?

The Telos Economic Development Plan (the TEDP) has been published today which proposes to redistribute approx 140 Million unclaimed TLOS tokens valued around $7M USD (at 5c token price).

The proposal halts the current 3% inflation until the fund is depleted and splits the tokens in the unclaimed exchanges reserve fund between increased BP pay, increased Worker Proposals funding, the Telos Foundation, a new BP controlled fund for increased promotion and development funding, and via the the new feature everyone is waiting on Telos, the resource exchange market place called REX.

Token holders earn interest via REX for lending their tokens to the system, to loan out to others. A token holder will always receive more tokens back than the amount deposited, and with an option to continually reinvest your interest you can enjoy compounding of your token supply simply by lending them to the network while you are holding them.

This period in blockchain history is revolutionary. With this remarkable technology a whole new economic engine is being created. Hundreds of these new ecosystems are springing up all over the world as the benefits of blockchain become undeniable, and blockchain becomes more widely understood.

Telos Blockchain is the ideal choice for everyone that is looking to understand the benefits of blockchain, no matter where you are on the learning curve.

From the simple onboarding game in the ACORN community and its (not so secret!) secret squirrel society for new and crypto-curious users, through to complex commercial enterprise solutions, designed and delivered by the Telos founding members and top BPs from around the world. The Telos community spans the entire Telos ‘sphere’ and through Telegram you can connect with a very welcoming and helpful group of eosio and blockchain enthusiasts from all walks of life if you want to learn more about the TEDP and Telos.

Telos is built on the free open source software from block one called eosio. To vote for BPs like Telos UK and proposals like the Telos Economic Development Plan (TEDP) you need to add your 12 character blockchain name to the blockchain and setup the desktop or mobile app.

The simplest way to continue your journey into Telos is with Big Squirrel who will get you setup with the app using ACORNs the safe and free daily crypto. Join Big Squirrel and learn how to download the latest version of the Sqrl wallet from

Announcing: Blockchain Reports now available on Telos Blockchain

Announcing: Blockchain Reports now available on Telos Blockchain


Today we are announcing the beta availability of Blockchain Reports on the Telos Blockchain. The blockchain can empower so many people but it’s complicated to use!

Well now this fully functional web application means anyone can quickly and easily build reports and publish realtime data streams from the blockchain.

  • 100% free and NO registration is required
  • Simplify blockchain access using your own reports
  • New entries show automatically in near-realtime

Blockchain Reports enables anyone to create and publish a real time report of a specific account and set custom filters to create a list of accounts or messages, such as

  • Search the memo field for specific phrases
  • List A-Z, chronologically, by amount, ascending or descending
  • Look for receipts from a specific account
  • Count the number of accounts who have ‘sent message containing xxxxx’
  • List all the payees from a specific account
  • Make results unique to remove duplicates or multiple instances to create unique accounts

Example – countaccount

We are kicking things off by publishing a simple report that everyone can participate in which simply counts active accounts.

This report lists all accounts that send a transfer of any TLOS supported currency to the account called: countaccount

Each sender will increment the counter, but only once, demonstrating the unique results feature. This is a great task for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency space to participate in, and claim your position in the countaccount history.

When we have enough results we see how the unique function works exactly. Will it replace your previous entry with your new one?
We hope it will (and if it doesn’t we will edit it so it does) and then every account will effectively have the ability to update their entry in the report on demand. How many millions of applications could you think of for that?

The primary purpose of this report is to see how high we can make the number go, collectively as a community and as a collaboration challenge to all humankind! Now finally you have something you can do at all those family get togethers!

View the report at this link then see if you can

  • Add your entry and increment the counter to claim your first row in the account – See your message on the report above
  • Change your entry by sending another transfer – Verify you can change your message of wisdom to the world
  • Share it with another and add them to the count – Never mind the weather “Have you sent your entry to the countaccount?”

Remember that even if you replace your message in this report, ALL of your messages on the blockchain will be digitally ‘written in stone’ they cannot be deleted, edited or hidden and will be there until the end of time!

Blockchain Report Builder Features

The report is built in the Editor screen by the Report Owner user and saved. When the report is viewed via the shareable published report link the page will quickly load from the web application database initially and as it is loading and being viewed new entries will be added dynamically in realtime as soon as they are added to the blockchain.

The above example report includes all the records in a single account, but if you want to filter against multiple criteria you can also set additional filters on the list of results in your reports, to further filter by

  • Sender
  • Receiver
  • Memo
  • Amount

Operators currently include

  • Equals – i.e. account name = bigsquirrel1
  • Contains – i.e. Memo contains ‘congratulations’
  • Does Not Contain – i.e. sender is not my account
  • Additional operators planned – i.e. greater than, less than, not equal to, not blank, etc

Once you have your data to be included in the report you can also format it to affect the following options

  • Add or remove columns (Date, Sender, Receiver, Memo, Amount)
  • Set the default sort column to display by Date etc
  • Set the default sort order, newest first, lowest first etc
  • Set the default number of rows per page
  • Add a Count column to the results to show a current total
  • Show count as 1-100 or 100-1
  • Make results unique in any column for removing duplicates from a count

Prototype / Proof of Concept

This launch version of the Blockchain Report Builder gives a taste of the things it can be programmed to let users do. There are many further features we would like to add before we would normally even say it is ready for users to test, but for now it provides us with the reports we need like the ACORN 1GSS(Gold Star Squirrel!) report and other examples in this post, so we decided to share it with the community to help bring further awareness of the power of the Telos Blockchain.

Worker Proposal Candidate

More functions can be added to extend the scope of the filters by completing the code for the other operators currently disabled, and potentially by utilising the Worker Proposal system if we decide to post a proposal to sponsor its further development. Any donors who would like to fund specific features can also sponsor them privately. Any worker proposals we submit will also include publishing the code under open source license, as it is currently closed, proprietary to Advanta Productions Limited.

Begin Experimenting with Blockchain for Free

There are thousands of potential uses for the Blockchain Report Builder limited only by your imagination or requirements for realtime reporting of the data on the Blockchain.

Review the current list of reports for inspiration, and get started creating your own customised Blockchain Reports at

Please share and help support Telos UK with a vote for telosuknodes as one of your 30 Block Producers, thank you very much for reading this page.


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