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As you begin to Learn Telos you will find out that a Block Explorer is one of the most frequently used tools. You can do many things with a Block Explorer but mainly you will use one to view your Telos Account, an individual Transaction or a Block of Transactions. Understanding how to use a Block Explorer is an important part of managing your Telos Account Security.

At the time of writing, there are three main Telos Block Explorers but more are coming I’m sure. If you know of any which are not listed below and you would like to contribute to this listing please contact us with the details.

Each section below links to a Block Explorer search using a real-life account name as an example. It’s easier to understand than just linking to the homepage. A standard account name in Telos is made up of 12 characters from the range a-z and 1-5. So no zero, and no special characters.

eosX Block Explorer

The eosX Block Explorer is probably the most popular, it is the one we use the most here at Telos UK because of it’s clean and clear design and it’s feature packed for power users.

In this example I am going to use an unusual account name which is simply ‘vip’. Now I know I said account names are 12 characters, but these are vanity names purchased in the name auctions, and only one name per day is sold, so they are pretty exclusive!

Unlike domain names, when you create a Telos account you will own it forever, it does not expire once it has been used. Accounts created at launch which are not used within a year may get deleted to save resources, but these vanity names or short names could be valuable at some point, especially if you can acquire industry terms that companies might want to own, like DIY or Bank, or Health. This is not financial advice, do your own research, and please don’t register trademarked names belonging to other companies as you might find yourself in hot water with their legal team. Generic terms can’t be trademarked though, so get bidding.

Access the eosX Telos Block Explorer by clicking on the following link


The Block Explorer added the Telos network and since then it has probably become the lookup tool of choice for most Telos professionals as it is so well supported by its creators.

Here is a random account to lookup on

Telos Tracker

By Mikel at Telos Madrid this Block Explorer has some neat lookups like Whales & Shrimps and Top Account Holders 

For this example I am linking to a different kind of account, which follows on from the vanity account names like ‘vip’ used in the previous example.

This time we are linking to the account and introducing the full stop, period or dot. So this is a Telos Foundation account as indicated by the .tf . What this means is that the Telos Foundation were awarded the tf vanity name, and because they own that name they can then create any accounts they like within it (i.e. before the .tf) provided they are not more than 12 characters (Including the .tf)

This account is the RAM Administrators account which is used to buy and sell RAM and stabilise the price. Although that is a lesson for another day, it extends the learning on how account names work by showing you a different variation from the normal 12 character names.

Access the Telos Tracker Block Explorer by clicking on the following link

Find more guides on the Learn Telos page.

For more help or information about using Block Explorers to manage your Telos account have a look at the Telos Fastrack FAQ post of Carshare42 or contact us using your preferred method via telegram , email us or phone us on +44 115 822 4546

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