Yes, its official the Telos Blockchain Network is finally good to ‘GO’. Roger was privileged to be the first working group chair to vote for ‘GO’ on the TLG call on behalf of the Exchange Wallet Outreach Working Group to confirm that the team were “Go For Launch”.

Due to the sensible checklist launch procedure (another one of Roger’s brilliant ideas!) adopted by the Telos Launch Group (the TLG) the vote on Saturday 8th Dec 2018 was a foregone conclusion and despite Douglas Horn’s(Goodblock) stated aim of having a ‘boring launch’ there was an air of excitement on the call with champagne and comedy Gifs abound in offices all over the world with the dawning realisation that the chain was good to go.

Roger and Jim extend their thanks to everyone that has been part of the launch team for all the tireless work on this great project and for the honour of being part of it. However, this is only the start we will keep you posted on all the Telos news as this project grows.

Here’s the link to the official Telos press release for full details of the launch process.

Standing-by for Snapshot Injection!

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