Trade Telos(TLOS) on Exchanges

There are two different kinds of exchanges.

  • Centralised exchanges hold your crypto in an account on their system, while it is on the exchange you are not holding the currency and are trusting the exchange with it

  • Decentralised exchanges enables trades between two independent users (peer-to-peer or P2P) the exchange never holds the currency

Decentralised exchanges are often considered safer because they enable trust-less transactions, the downside is that the exchange holds no ‘liquidity’ (think stock) and relies purely on the demand of the market to provide the ‘volume’ (the buyers and sellers).

Some people prefer the speed of instant transfers and transparency provided by decentralised exchanges but unfortunately these trades do not contribute to the market data reported for Telos(TLOS) on CoinMarketCap so if you want to help grow the Telos network then trading TLOS via one of the exchanges listed on the Markets page below is a good way to support Telos, but everyone will have their preferred exchange platform


Buy Telos(TLOS) on a exchange to help drive price discovery

Exchanges Trading Telos(TLOS)

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