Trade TLOS on Exchanges

The first thing to get clear about with Exchanges is that there are essentially two different kinds, centralised and decentralised exchanges.

With a centralised exchange you are trusting your tokens to a third party to complete your transaction.  The exchange itself will hold your funds, and facilitate the transactions between buyer and seller. With a decentralised exchange there is a direct transaction between the buyer and seller. This is known as a ‘peer-to-peer’ transaction.

Decentralised exchanges are often considered safer because they enable trustless transactions, the downside is that the exchange holds no ‘liquidity’ (think stock) and relies purely on the demand of the market to provide the ‘volume’ (the buyers and sellers).

On the whole we prefer decentralised exchanges but there are many other pros and cons with each so please do your own research, but for the sake of your first transaction (of a small amount) to test how everything works then you could choose either, and probably a centralised exchange will be easier for a beginner.


Exchanges Trading Telos

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