Telos ($TLOS) First Fiat Gateway announced! Telos joins the rank of frontline cryptocurrencies you can buy instantly, with Visa or Mastercard, without registration or ID, and IS available right now at this link

The Carbon Fiber Fiat Gateway today adds the Telos TLOS token to its stable of leading crypto currencies available for direct purchase on its website by retail consumers. Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron and now Telos! Rubbing shoulders with giants! This made possible through the creation of the TLOSD Dollar backed stable coin.

Before you rush off to try and buy the TLOS token though make sure you already have a Telos account setup first, you’ll need that to instantly receive your new tokens!

If you are brand new to crypto or Telos and not sure what to do first, then start with the ACORNs free daily crypto! The bigsquirrel1 account has published a step by step guide to ACORNs for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows users free setup. With a free daily ACORN token you can practice with the latest generation of crypto 100% safely without risking any money, because it’s free for the first 2 million users.

Learn more about Telos Blockchain, the community governed EOSIO blockchain via the official Telos Foundation website at (beware scam sites impersonating this one, there is only 1 official)

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Read more about the Carbon and Telos partnership in the official press release at

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