Check out our dynamic duo in this interview with Ross Dold of EOSphere a BP based in Perth Australia.  Ross quizzed Roger and Jim about all things Telos UK. Ross is on a mission to talk to as many Telos BPs as he can as part of the goodguys4tls proxy series.  The Telos Blockchain is proud to have many dedicated and diligent proxies and Telos UK are honoured to be on the goodguys4tls proxy roster.

In this episode, we get the low down on the latest Telos UK node tech specs from Roger and find out what Jim did before joining Telos UK, spoiler alert he wasn’t an international man of mystery!

Your eosio boys also mention a few upcoming projects: The first being – This project was mentioned as being part of Telos Uk’s mass adoption drive.  It’s still in the build phase but the beta test can be seen on desktop computers(i.e. it’s not mobile friendly yet) at

Roger also announces the ACORNs project.  This is a super cool project Roger and Jim have been working on.  I wonder if you can guess which one is phatsquirrel and which one is dozysquirrel! Anyway, check out the website at and see if you can achieve blockchain skills certification to 1GSS (Gold Star Squirrel!) with ACORNs.  Here is the link to the Official Launch Announcement in case you missed it.

This post brought to you by Roger, Jim and all the team at EOS / Telos UK. To support our work please vote for eosukblocpro on EOS and telosuknodes on Telos.

If you need help or support in any aspect of the eosio eco system then please get in touch via Telegram , email or you can even use the telephone if you are old school and appreciate the value of a conversation on +441158224546

Go Telos!