The Telos Foundation

Telos UK has a close relationship with the Telos Foundation as Jim was the first and current President on the Telos Foundation Board. Currently all Foundation board members are volunteers and Telos UK is proud to be able to support the Foundation by funding Jim’s salary and enabling him to serve.

The Foundation is an apolitical organisation with a mission to aid in the promotion and improvement of the Telos Blockchain Network.

Telos Foundation Logo


The Telos Foundation seeks to support the Telos Blockchain Network in three distinct ways:

  • Promoting the network through foundation grants (which are in addition to worker proposal grants)
  • Inform and expand the user-base through social media, live events and any teaching opportunities that help raise the profile of the Telos Network
  • Maintaining a published guidance price for Telos Network RAM and both trading based on this price and offering sales at this price to qualified developers. when the market price for RAM is more than 10% above the published guidance price. Advise BPs of ad-hoc and/or gradual RAM increases.

The work of the Foundation is in the early stages of development and we will post regular updates on progress.  You can find out more at

Please be aware of the fake Telos Foundation scam sites (one with a hyphen (-) and one spelled ‘fundation’ they are stealing keys from unsuspecting users) NEVER enter your Private Keys in to any website, only scam websites will tell you to enter a Private Key, if you do then you will almost certainly lose control of your account instantly!

Safely learn to understand how Telos works by following our step by step guides on the Learn Telos pages.

To connect with us via telegram visit, email us or phone us on +44 115 822 4546

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