The Telos Economic Development Plan (the TEDP) has been published today which proposes to redistribute approx 140 Million unclaimed TLOS tokens valued around $7M USD (at 5c token price).

The proposal halts the current 3% inflation until the fund is depleted and splits the tokens in the unclaimed exchanges reserve fund between increased BP pay, increased Worker Proposals funding, the Telos Foundation, a new BP controlled fund for increased promotion and development funding, and via the the new feature everyone is waiting on Telos, the resource exchange market place called REX.

Token holders earn interest via REX for lending their tokens to the system, to loan out to others. A token holder will always receive more tokens back than the amount deposited, and with an option to continually reinvest your interest you can enjoy compounding of your token supply simply by lending them to the network while you are holding them.

This period in blockchain history is revolutionary. With this remarkable technology a whole new economic engine is being created. Hundreds of these new ecosystems are springing up all over the world as the benefits of blockchain become undeniable, and blockchain becomes more widely understood.

Telos Blockchain is the ideal choice for everyone that is looking to understand the benefits of blockchain, no matter where you are on the learning curve.

From the simple onboarding game in the ACORN community and its (not so secret!) secret squirrel society for new and crypto-curious users, through to complex commercial enterprise solutions, designed and delivered by the Telos founding members and top BPs from around the world. The Telos community spans the entire Telos ‘sphere’ and through Telegram you can connect with a very welcoming and helpful group of eosio and blockchain enthusiasts from all walks of life if you want to learn more about the TEDP and Telos.

Telos is built on the free open source software from block one called eosio. To vote for BPs like Telos UK and proposals like the Telos Economic Development Plan (TEDP) you need to add your 12 character blockchain name to the blockchain and setup the desktop or mobile app.

The simplest way to continue your journey into Telos is with Big Squirrel who will get you setup with the app using ACORNs the safe and free daily crypto. Join Big Squirrel and learn how to download the latest version of the Sqrl wallet from