Why Telos?

The Telos Blockchain Network can be described as ‘third generation blockchain’. Telos is an important leap towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology. At Telos UK, we strive to inform and educate about all aspects of eosio and consider Telos to be the blockchain that is finally ready for the mass market.
The following bullet points have been listed in perceived order of importance to answer the question Why Telos? (over any other Blockchain)

A Truly Astounding 100% Community Driven Blockchain

  • Funded purely by community ‘sweat equity’ capital without investment funding
  • Telos Launch Group (TLG) comprised of 100+ teams of eosio enthusiasts from all over the world working together for 6+ months
  • No ICO funding means Telos is less likely considered a security thereby reducing the risk for Exchanges
  • Low inflation (2.5% from month 13) protecting the token value
  • 3x Lower circulation of TLOS tokens over EOS bringing 3x higher equity per token for token holders

End to End On-Chain Governance

  • Fully Ratified Constitution – The Telos Blockchain Network Operating Agreement (TBNOA)
  • Automatic modification of the TBNOA through amendments (Ratify & Amend)
  • On-Chain Arbitration via official supported Sqrl wallet
  • In-wallet Arbitrator voting
  • Automatic BP compliance enforcement (Kickbot etc)

Official Sqrl Wallet

  • Multi chain support (Telos + EOS + Worbli etc)
  • BP Voting
  • Arbitration system
  • Worker proposals system

Telos has the Telos Foundation

  • Providing a human interface to the Blockchain
  • Exchange relationship management
  • dApp grant disbursement
    • First grant awarded to TEACH coin
  • Promotion of the Blockchain

Block Production

  • Inverse weighted voting protects against whale dominated rankings
  • Launch snapshot capped to 40,000 tokens to limit EOS whale influence
  • Standby BP rotation ensures there are no fake BPs on the network and the readiness of standbys
  • Exchanges cannot be Block Producers on Telos and cannot vote with users tokens
  • Minimum Requirements for BPs including ownership disclosures

On-ramp for dApp Developers

  • Telos is 100% code compatible with EOS, so any app deployed on EOS could instantly be deployed on Telos
  • Developer-friendly features that reduce development time and cut costs to deploy.
  • Low cost of onboarding new accounts. Telos has reserved enough tokens to create 2 million accounts for new users
  • For more details see this article from Douglas Horn explaining how Telos is the on ramp to the third generation Blockchain

No blockchain or organisation is ever going to be perfect, but we believe Telos blockchain is as promoted, a sustainably decentralised blockchain on which we can build the future.

To learn more please connect with us via telegram https://t.me/eosuk , email us bp@telosuk.io or phone us on +44 115 822 4546

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