Welcome to the incredible new blockchain competitions where you can be winning a 300 TLOS prize worth £10!

The competition launches when the prize fund is deposited in the competitions account on the Telos blockchain network. The  screenshot below shows the competitions account has a balance of 30 TLOS (about £1), when it says 330 then the competition is on!

Monitor the competitions account on the network using one of the Telos Block Explorers or with this live Blockchain Report which updates the page as soon as a new deposit is added to the account. Learn how to use all the tools to keep an eye on the account and make sure you don’t miss the competition launch!

All blockchain transactions are time and date stamped so the transfer itself records the start day and time of the competition. The competition ends at 23:59:59 UTC on the same day the competition started.

To win you must be the first person who can prove they created a new account during the time of the competition.

To create a Telos network account choose a unique 12 letter account name, verify with a one time SMS text code and create and save your private key at https://app.telos.net/accounts/add

Note the country code is a bit tricky at the moment, we will make it better soon.

To prove you created a new account, you register it’s name, but for privacy reasons only send the ‘hash’ of the 12 letter account name, not the name itself (plus we want to show you how our new publicdomain site works, and make you work for your prize a little!)

To turn your account name into a 64 character hash string just visit the website https://www.publicdomain.live and paste the 12 letter name into the box and hit the green Hash it! button. See example below, it is not as hard as it sounds, or looks!)

In the image example you can see you just paste the account name into the box and click the Hash it! button to generate the hash, then copy it from the page. You don’t have to do anything else on this site now, not unless you want to (see https://telosuk.io/hash-it/ if you want to learn more about hashing to the public domain).

In our example we hashed the competitions account name which gives us this 64 character string of gibberish looking text

So copy, paste and post the hash of your new account name into the Bitcoin Nottingham Telegram channel
The winner is the first person to post their hash in the group at https://t.me/bitcoin_nottingham like this

Remember that the competition closes at 23:59:59 UTC. Any hashes posted after that time will be discounted.

There is only one prize. The prize is awarded only to the first correctly completed entry. If the posted hash doesn’t match your account name the prize will pass to the next correct answer in time date order. Accounts created before the time and date the prize money was deposit will be discounted.

If this prize is not claimed by midnight it may be added to a future competition as an additional bonus.

Winners so far!



The first two competitions are closed now, but maybe competition 3 or future competitions are open as can be determined by monitoring the Blockchain Report for the competitions account on Telos. No further updates will be made to this page and there is no quicker way to know when a competition has been launched that monitoring the competitions account so keep your eye on it.

If you have any problems trying to follow the instructions then just ask in the Telegram group or get in touch via the platform of your choice. Good luck with the competition!

If you would like to sponsor this competition or run your own competitions please contact us