Telos UK achieves another world first today in contributing to the launch of the new WordProof Blockchain plugin for WordPress. will be the very first site to use the Telos Blockchain to time and date stamp published content on a WordPress website. So cool!

Time and date stamping your content is important because it is no longer sufficient to be able to point to the WordPress publish date on a page as a means to determine when something was published, in the case of a plagiarism claim for example.

Unless you have cryptographic proof that is the equivalent of being digitally written in stone, any other kind of proof is meaningless because it can be easily faked in our technologically advanced age.

At 13:37 CEST (that’s 12:37 in the UK) Telos UK, EOS Writer and Everything EOS were the first websites in the world to time and date stamp content on the blockchain, as they performed a coordinated publishing of time and date stamped website content. Telos UK using the Telos blockchain, and the other two using the EOS blockchain.

This coordinated campaign also demonstrates the power of building on eosio because it can be deployed on either EOS or Telos blockchains, another huge benefit for developers.

Telos UK are delighted to be part of the WordProof Beta Group bringing the WordPress community to eosio blockchains EOS&Telos.

Sebastiaan van der Lans and the WordProof team are making great progress and have been funded, in part, by the Telos Worker Proposal system as discussed by our very own Roger Davies and Douglas Horn from GoodBlock in Carshare 48 filmed last week in London. Follow the link to the post to learn more and see the time and date stamp itself at the foot of the page.

Thank you Sebastiaan for your special Telos Community video. It has been great working with such a professional on this project.

If you would like to find out more and join the Beta Group follow this link to read all about it on Medium WordProof Beta Group To Begin Soon