So in this episode, Roger and Jim get serious about the money, so serious they start to sing!!! Don’t worry it doesn’t last long.  What can cause our friendly neighbourhood BPs to spontaneously break out into song you shout?

Well, the main topic of this Carshare is REX Stake Rewards on EOS and Telos, plus how to best place yourself after launch to benefit from future airdrops on Telos and how block 6million is the key to maximising your Telos airdrop profits.

Roger explains about the REX (Resource EXchange) that has been proposed for eosio Blockchains and the benefits that could bring to EOS and Telos. We then learn that REX has already been adopted by the Telos Blockchain Network Agreement, TBNOA, which means there’s a strong chance that the first Blockchain to have REX up and running for their token holders could be Telos.

Also #Block6m ! Roger and Jim highlight why Block 6m on Telos is a really big deal that you need to be aware of.  At block 6m Telos is going to create an ‘Original Snapshot’ which will determine airdrop allocations for many of the upcoming dApps, so you have an opportunity to maximise your position for future airdrops. This is not financial advice but is the closest Roger and Jim have ever come to giving advice. However please remember not to take financial advice from people who sing in their car.

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