Today we are joined by Ellie making a special guest appearance! Ellie, the EOS UK Marketing Manager and video post production wiz, joins Roger and Jim to discuss the weekends upcoming EOS Hackathon event in London on 22nd and 23rd September

Dapp developers and coders form all over the world have been arriving in London this week, sharpening their laptops for the latest Block1 global hackathon event.  The event ‘challenge’ will be announced in the opening ceremony which starts Saturday at 10.00am a link to the live feed of the event can be found at

The coders then work all through the day and night to come up with their solution to the challenge that has been set. The teams then have a 3 min pitch to the judges to get through the first round.  Our friend Shane from SVK Crypto is one of the judges along with Dan Larimer CTO and Brendon Bloomer CEO of Block 1.

The top ten ideas are then invited to pitch for a second time and from that the winners are announced.  This will be a great event that’s going to showcase the very best dApp talent working in the EOS eco system.

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