In this episode we learn that Jim gets holidays and new Sys Admin team member David is worried about trying to fill his shoes as the guest presenter. No need to worry though David did a great job as the following topics are explored


  • ACORNs – The new free cryptocurrency is now available, for everyone! To get your ACORNs visit the website for step by step instructions of how to get your free Telos account and activate the ACORNs smart contract. With an ACORN community account you can access the blockchain for free and learn how to manage private keys and blockchain based services in the future. Using the ACORNs website users can get certification to 1GSS (Gold Star Squirrel!). Only if you follow all the instructions exactly will Big Squirrel confirm your certification on-chain. Roger hints at a potential future where allegiance to a brand or community through a common account naming convention could give access to services or even rewards from advertisers who want to show their appreciation for your loyalty. Maybe that will even be the future of Universal Basic Income systems. Meantime the roster of squirrel users who have achieved on-chain certification can be found at . Will you be next?



  • When CoinMarketCap ? Roger line’s it all up for us and explains the process for getting on CMC. Starting with the latest development that Telos trading with USDt is now open on CoinTiger one of the 3 new exchanges which are being connected to the Telos Blockchain at the moment. Once 2 of the 3 exchanges are live then Telos will be one step closer to being listed on CMC. The CMC website is considered the industry standard starting point for all cryptocurrencies. It is assumed a CMC listing is an essential component of a successful new blockchain like Telos. It should be noted that other coin information resource sites are springing up all the time in order to cash in on this fledgeling new industry.


  • Blockchain Community Events – Next up is the Blockchain Expo event in London and of course Roger, Jim and David are going to be in attendance on the 25th and 26th April and looking forward to connecting with the community in person.

Telos is really starting to ramp up now and it will be fascinating to watch its organic growth in the weeks and months ahead. If you want to get involved with the Telos community, ACORNs, Telos UK or Carshare then please get in touch through the medium of your choice linked from the bottom of the page.

Go Telos!