Answers to your Telos Frequently Asked Questions

OK, so Telos is good to go but that’s only half the story it seems. In this episode, your friendly neighbourhood BPs Jim and Roger of EOS and Telos UK answer the top Telos questions being asked across the cryptosphere about Telos.

If you are reading this shortly after launch or activation then please first of all read this article What Happens when Telos Votes to Launch from the team at Goodblock for the Telos Foundation.

Thanks to all the Telos Block Producer candidates and community members who are tirelessly answering these questions over and over again on the various social media channels

  1. How do I get my Telos?
    Easy just download and install the Sqrl wallet or Scatter version 10 and connect to the “Telos Mainnet” using any EOS Genesis account and your Telos will be there waiting for you.
  2. How many Telos will I get?
    You will get 1:1 TLOS tokens for every EOS token you held in an account in the EOS Genesisi snapshot up to the maximum cap of 40,000 per account to limit whale influence
  3. When Airdrop?
    It’s done! Technically Telos is not an Airdrop, you will NOT see your TLOS tokens in your EOS account alongside your airdropped tokens because Telos is a totally seperate blockchain. Your Telos account should also receive its own Airdrops in the future from new tokens created on Telos. It is more cost effective for developers to deploy on Telos so a lot of dApps are looking at Telos instead of EOS.
  4. What do I have to do to get my Telos?
    The criteria for receiving TLOS is simply that you have an EOS Genesis account you can access. You do not need to actively do anything to claim them, unlike an airgrab or anything like that.
  5. How can I see my tokens?
    Simply enter your account name into one of the block explorers, such as is shown here on the Telos Foundation block explorer query of the Block1 account (capped at 40,000)
  6. What’s the genesis snapshot?
    The Telos Genesis snapshot is a modified version of the EOS Genesis snapshot of June 2nd 2018. The Telos Genesis Snapshot has capped whale accounts at 40,000 to limit whale dominance and the potential for manipulation of the BP voting.
  7. What’s the ‘Original’ Snapshot?
    At block 6 Million of the Telos Blockchain, a new snapshot will be taken for use by future airdrops. The Block 6 Million snapshot will look to reward early movers who have taken measures to strengthen their position prior to block 6 Million.
  8. Can I buy more Telos?
    Yes you can buy as many as you like!
  9. When and where can I buy more Telos?
    As of 20th December 2018 you can trade TLOS/EOS on
  10. My new keys don’t work in the Sqrl wallet. How do I make it work?
    Have you changed your owner and or active keys on EOS since launch? If so this might be why, try using your original Active Key. Failing that please connect with us on the dedicated Telegram support channel
  11. Is there a list of BPs?
    Yes, you can see them on or listed in the Sqrl wallet
  12. Are there any trusted proxies set up?
    Yes, these can be viewed in the Sqrl wallet or listed by most Block Explorers such as eosX
  13. Can I set up a proxy?
    Yes, see the excellent tutorial video from Telos Miami on how to do this (it’s a silent video fyi!)
  14. Can I vote for Block Producers?
    Yes! Please vote for telosuknodes and 29 other block producers, or proxy your vote to one of the proxies we are on such as goodproxytls (which Roger is a Govenor for).
  15. Why don’t my keys work in Sqrl?
    If you have changed or lost your keys since EOS launched then you will need to use the old key to access your Telos account and then you can change it as soon as you have got access. If your keys have been compromised please contact the Telos Foundation in Telegram at this link.

We will continue to monitor the channels for more questions. Please email us if you have a particular question you want to get answered outside of Telegram

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