The ‘Telosphere’ a World Wide Community

The Blockchain space, Telos, EOS, and eoiso have spawned a multitude of communication channels. There are hundreds of social media links, YouTube videos and all things in between. Once you are in the ‘Teloshere’ be prepared, like Alice, to go down the rabbit hole. As we say at Telos UK, ‘If you’re not learning you’re losing’.

We often get asked the question ‘Where do I start’ which to be honest there’s no simple answer as it does depend on what you are looking for and how deep you wish to dive. If you are completely new to the world of eosio we would strongly recommend starting by visiting our Learn Telos pages and watching some ‘Carshare‘ videos and following a few of the suggested links.  Remember to take your time, don’t rush to consume all the information at once.

At Telos UK, mass adoption is our passion and we strive to educate and inform so if at anytime you need help or advice contact us and we will do our best to help you through ‘Wonderland’.

If you have any links you would like to see added to the Telesphere page please contact us using your preferred method from below

If you need more help connect with us via telegram , email us or phone us on +44 115 822 4546

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